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There goes my Zara guide! Je ne me lasse pas de simuler mes prochains achats sur leur site. Oula, super cet article!! And outside of Zara, who has good stuff for a good price? I know if I ever need a new outfit I can always go to Zara and find what I need. No need to worry. I always find great dresses!

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How To… Shop At Zara? — Atelier Doré

Shirts and acessories are much easier. YES for any pants with higher waist! Et merci pour ton travail, pour ton blog que je visite quotidiennement! The latest piece I bought there were their linen see-though t-shirts made in Portugal 3 years ago.

Why should one group wear it, but not another? You have such discipline to shop once a week and not to always make a purchase. Amid all of the stress, emotional taxation, and Sometimes I go into the store with the biggest frowns in my face because the stuff look rather… cheap, even for Zara. Bonne chance avec Sandy!

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Mango is also a great shop for affordable t-shirts and sweaters etc and I just bought a beautiful coat from there that looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. I shop at the Zara in Geneva and the downstairs collection is excellent, upstairs they have Trafaluc.

Teop said, I have never owned a pair of leather Every time I go. A few good friends of mine are regular of flea markets and they have absolutely an amazing eye for items that are timeless, well made and look like it is custom made for their bodies. And because two shelves away you can find something more original and less obvious. Ahhhh enfin un post que je peux commenter!


Garance, tu fais exactement comme moi. I love their jeans, but hate that I cant get into any of them.

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I am a Zara-aholic, the store in Edinburgh is right next to my bus stop so I check it out frequently. Ils sont souvent en similicuir, les chaussures font donc mal aux pieds et ne les laissent pas respirer.

My t-shirtsand a few ballet flats, when the ones I have are on their last leg.

I tried so many times to ask you which grey tshirt you were talking about from zara cause i never saw it in any store, but you never answered so I am like the one that posed you the question, it is all very well but we never find the pieces of clothing yo mention kiss. That said, you should know to:. I am no fan of Zara.

Also, if you are small enough, the kids department is excellent for pants, scarves, socks! I am glad you made this guide and I will ask the sales lady for the deliveries day. Except for a pair of boots. Then one day something will just POP and you will know it when you see it.


Here in Milan I go very often in corso vittorio emanuele where Zara has one of the bigger store.

Gros bisous de Beyrouth. Not creativity crammed into a cheaper fabric, made in a sweatshop.

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Zara is probably my favourite place to shop. Hello Syrine, Merci pour ce retour. I will give your game plan a try, GD, before I return to my baseline of walking briskly and avoiding eye contact with the store. Just as you said: I like natural zayr such as silk, cotton, wool, cashmere,… but would avoid buying viscose, polyester, acrylic and Zara just uses too many of those fabrics for my taste.